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Spain tablao Mona Turosスペインタブラオ・モナチューロス

기타 음식점

Nagano Pref. Matsumotoshi Chuou 1-4-15 (마쓰모토・가미코치지역)

phone 0263366078

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게시일:2019/06/07 Quirky and kitsch Spanish style
We needed a break from Japanese food and came across this restaurant by chance. We expected Spanish staff but in fact were greeted with enormous enthusiasm by Japanese staff who are quite theatrical...
게시일:2018/10/23 Fantastic tapas in Matsumoto
From the moment you step into this fantastic Spanish restaurant you are warmly greeted by the friendly staff. We chose to have the set menu without dessert, each dish was delicious! The Sangria was...
게시일:2016/09/19 Amazing find in Japan!
We found the place by accident , looking for something familiar to eat! They were really busy with a huge group, only one person spoke English, they were rushed off their feet but put a table up for...

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