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아자미 챠야浅見茶屋


사이타마현 한노시 사카 이시 1050 (히다카・한노지역)

phone 0429780789

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게시일:2014/02/24 Udon on the Mountain
Weve driven to Asamichaya several times to have lunch. The udon noodles are handmade and excellent. The décor in this ancient farm house is rustic with cut logs for seats and benches, polished slabs...
게시일:2013/03/26 Outstanding (at any time of year)
This is a little gem of a restaurant. It is buried in the mountains of rural Saitama but a convenient stop on a hiking course. Access is straight forward - about 3km along a track / narrow road from...
게시일:2019/10/12 チャリではキツイが、

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