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Tugaru Han Neputamura津軽藩ねぷた村

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place Aomori Pref. Hirosakishi Kamenokoumachi 61
phone 0172391511

Tsugaruhan Neputa Mura 후기

TripAdvisor 후기 평가
게시일:2018/11/07 Interesting Japanese craftsmanship
Visited the place for about 45 minutes with a tour group. It’s good in a sense that it’s a one-stop trail to learn about the interesting local culture, music (drums & shamisen) performances and...
게시일:2018/09/02 Small paper and wood parade "balloons" for local events
This float experience pales in comparison to the huge floats (over 80 feet tall) on the North Island, but it is interesting. The briefing on what is going on in the process is a little broken and...
게시일:2018/06/09 Great overview of Nebuta festival traditions
The exhibition of Nebuta floats was extremely interesting and well organized. We had a great experience there, it became some kind of preamble to our visit to Nebuta Warasse museum in Aomori. That...


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