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이즈미 식당いずみ食堂


홋카이도 사루군 히다카쵸 미도리마치 41-22 (히다카・에리모지역)

phone 0145625302

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게시일:2018/11/07 Lunch with friends
If U like soba this is the place to go!!! I love soba and so do my friends, when ever I travel in Japan always try to eat the local hand made soba and this place is very good, simple interior but...
게시일:2017/08/13 Tasty food,welcoming people
We enjoyed eating here very much.Ate here twice and will be coming back.Old ladies working here are very nice,only thing is that there is no english menu or pictures so if you dont have japanese it...
게시일:2018/12/09 手打ちそば いずみ食堂
エビ天そば ◎

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