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Ichikawa CitizensNoryo Fireworks Festival市川市民納涼花火大会


This fireworks display featuring an elaborate program based on eight themes is a perennial favorite and an Ichikawa summer tradition. The festival opens with a powerful barrage of 1,000 fireworks launched in a five-second span, filling the night sky with spectacular blooms. It's followed by a huge variety of about 14,000 fireworks, including chrysanthemums, peonies, elaborate starmines, and special effect fireworks, all beautifully splashing the night sky. The finale is a must-see, when a dazzling shower of light rains down, creating a sensational ending. If you want to feel the power of the fireworks up-close, watch from the Ichikawa grounds, but if you want to enjoy the fireworks in a more laid-back environment, we recommend the Gyotoku venue a little further away from the launch site.

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place Chiba Pref. Ichikawashi Osu 3-chome A landmark
phone 0477111142



Chiba Pref. Ichikawashi Osu 3-chome A landmark [map]



Number of fireworks
14,000 shots
Paid spectator seating
Average attendance
In case of stormy weather
reserved date:2018/8/5

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