Tomb of the Monk Shunkan

Ruin / Grave / Ancient Tomb
"The grave of the 12th-century monk Shunkan is located a five-minute drive from Kikai Airport. He was exiled to Kikaijima Island after taking part in the Shishigatani plot to overthrow Tairano Kiyomori, the de facto ruler of Japan at the time. This area is referred to by a name that means ""in the presence of the monk"" in the local dialect, and offerings of flowers and incense are still laid there. The bones of a man thought to be a high-ranking figure from off the island were found near the grave, and these bones bore the marks of a sword, so many people say that these may be the bones of Shunkan himself. The Shunkan Jogging Meet is held every year in March in honor of the ancient virtues of this monk."

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