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Kitanosho Castle Ruins Shibata Park (北の庄城址・柴田公園)


Castle / Ruins of Castle

A park on the site of the former Kitanosho Castle. In 1575 Shibata Katsuie was given control of the Echizen area by Oda Nobunaga and he had Kitanosho castle on the plains constructed. It was a magnificent castle with a nine-story tower and a large castle town surrounding it but fell just eight years later when attacked by the army of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. In the park are bronze statues of Shibata Katsuie, his wife Oichi, and their three daughters. Some historical remains including Onigawara roof tiles and chains from a pontoon bridge still remain.


Fukui Fukui-shi Chuo 1-21-1 (Fukui / Katsuyama / AwaraArea)

phone 0776205346

Open 24 hours
[Kita no Shojo Remains Museum]9:00-18:00

Review of Kitanosho Castle Park

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2020/04/02 Good for local history
An interesting place with a shrine and statues, and old castle wall/moat visible. Now even more interesting thanks to English explanations of the history being added. Well worth a visit.
Reviewed:2020/03/15 Now some English explanations
This shrine now has some English explanations which is helpful. From them I found some history of the castle and the Lord whose mounted statue is within the castle ruins.
An interesting area to spend...
Reviewed:2018/09/20 History spot
A site of some local historical importance, showing an old bridge that used to go over a moat, and some old walls. This is quite far from the main castle grounds and big walls/moat, but shows how it...

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Fukui Fukui-shi Chuo 1-21-1 [map]
Fukui / Katsuyama / AwaraArea
Open 24 hours
[Kita no Shojo Remains Museum]9:00-18:00
open everyday
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