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Hiruzen Jersey Landひるぜんジャージーランド

Tourist Ranch / Farm

A leisure facility located in Maniwa City, Okayama Prefecture directly operated by the Hiruzen Dairy Farming Agricultural Cooperative, famed for its Jersey cow dairy products. In a pasture area commanding a view of the three peaks of Hiruzen, Jersey cows munch on grass, bathe in the sunlight, and live leisurely lives, and visitors can come enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of the Hiruzen Plateau here. At the shop, popular items for purchase include Jersey cow yogurt and roll cakes made with hearty servings of Jersey cow whipped cream. Be sure to try the soft serve ice cream and enjoy the rich, milky flavor! The facility also has a restaurant where you can enjoy Jersey cow steaks and cheese fondue. Entry free.

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place Okayama Pref. Maniwashi Hiruzennakafukuda 956-222
phone 0867667011

Review of Hiruzen Jerseyland Restaurant

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/04/27 cheese fondu!
As Japan's cheese standards are a) not great and b) very expensive, I was a bit apprehensive but the cheese fondu was actually okay. the jersey-milk ice-cream is also something to definitely indulge...
Reviewed:2018/09/16 ソフトクリーム
レストラン併設の売店でソフトクリーム シュークリーム プリンを買って食べてみた。

ソフトクリーム 美味しい!道の駅で売ってたソフトより断然旨い。
シュークリーム これもなかなか美味しいです。また買うかなと思えた。
プリン なめらかプリンでした・・・好きじゃないので・・・
Reviewed:2018/08/11 チーズフォンデュがおすすめ



Okayama Pref. Maniwashi Hiruzennakafukuda 956-222 [map]



[1/Feb.] 10:00-16:00
[1/Feb.] New Year's Day, Wednesday
[Admission fee]Free
Parking Lot
Available 300spaces
Credit Card
Not available
Available (Some Outdoor Available No Location Available)
Not available
Vegetarian Menu
Not available
English Menu
Not available

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