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Omi-cho Ichibazushi Main Shop廻る近江町市場寿し本店

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A popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant located in the Omi-cho Market in Kanazawa, Ishikawa which even sees people lining up outside the door at peak times. Renowned for its authentic sushi prepared by chefs and its extravagant seafood rice bowls, Ichibazushi takes pride in the freshness of its ingredients. Getting its fresh seafood from auctions in the market, Ichibazushi uses somewhat larger cuts of fish than usual, quickly and skillfully pressing them together with local sushi rice. The restaurant’s menu spans everything from standards to seasonal items, including blackthroat seaperch, horse mackerel, tuna, Japanese amberjack, mackerel, sweet shrimp, and more. Offering both counter and table seating, even families can enjoy a relaxing meal here.

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place Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Shimoumichou 28-1
phone 0762619330



Ishikawa Pref. Kanazawashi Shimoumichou 28-1 [map]



open everyday
Parking Lot
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Credit Card
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Vegetarian Menu
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English Menu

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Long, thin Ishikawa prefecture runs along the Sea of Japan up into Noto Peninsula. Highlights of the seaside towns lining the west coast include Kanazawa, often described as a "Little Kyoto" thanks to its old wooden tea houses and geisha culture as well as its picturesque Japanese garden, Kenroku-en.

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