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Fisherman’s Wharf Shirahama (フィッシャーマンズ・ワーフ白浜)


Complex Facility / Commercial Facility

This leisure and resort area in Shirahama Town, Nishimuro County of Wakayama Prefecture has a fresh seafood market operated by local fishers, a restaurant, and a diving base. Visitors enjoy eating the freshly caught fish and shellfish, displayed on the stalls, right there on the spot. One can enjoy Japanese food, Italian, or seafood barbecue from the four restaurant shops on the wharf. Divers can choose from various course levels; from a easy diving encounter, up to boat diving for more experienced divers. Even beginners can safely try diving here at the Nanki Shirahama waters.


Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou 1667-22 (Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / NachiArea)

phone 0739431700

[Seafood market/direct sales floor] 10:00-18:30

Review of Fishermans Wharf of Shirahama

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/12/24 Small market, decent seafood don
This spot is next to the beach and relatively easy to find. It serves good seafood dons. So if you are around, it is a good lunch spot. Seafood was fresh and reasonable price.
Reviewed:2018/05/03 Terrible Services
It was terrible services and bad cuisine.
I tried to have “ Tai Cha Zuke” But it was different from typical Japanese food, but they didn’t explain kindly and we really felt bad. The waitress’ manner...
Reviewed:2017/06/05 Fantastic dinner with a beautiful sunset view
As others have said there arent to many restaurants in Shirahama, but this one was recommended in our travel book so we decided to check it out! We went for dinner and I had a gigantic sushi set...

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Wakayama Pref. Nishimurogunshirahamachou 1667-22 [map]
Shirahama / Ryujin / Kumano / NachiArea
[Seafood market/direct sales floor] 10:00-18:30
Irregular holidays
Parking Lot
Available (120spaces) * 1 hour Free. * 1 hour parking Free service ticket will be presented to customers who eat and shop at Fisherman's Wave Shirahama
Credit Card
Available (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, UnionPay, DISCOVER, Diners Club)
Not available
Can be enjoyed even on a rainy day
Average budget
[Day] 1,001-3,000yen [Night] 1,001-3,000yen
Estimated stay time
30-60 minutes
Wheelchair accessible
Infant friendly
Pet friendly
1F terrace seat only

Information Sources:  NAVITIME JAPAN


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