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Dotonbori King-emon道頓堀 金久右衛門


This is a popular Ramen shop specializing in soy based ramen which is located roughly a five-minute walk away from Kintetsu Namba Station. This restaurant has appeared in the media many times, and indeed has been awarded first place as Tabelog Osaka’s best ramen shop for three year in a row. Business hours are from 11 p.m. until 8 a.m. in the morning, and it is open 24 hours a day on Friday to Sunday and the day before a national holiday so many people also frequent it such as those returning home after a long drinking party. There is an extensive menu from light taste to a strong taste—the “Osaka Black” ramen with its dark soy sauce base of black soup and the “Naniwa Black” ramen which utilizes the flavors of seafood in the Osaka black stock.


Osaka Osakashi Chuou-ku Doutombori 1-4-17 (Osaka Castle / Kyobashi / Eastern Osaka CityArea)

phone 0662115502

11:00-8:00 the next day ※ Friday-Sunday/The day public holiday is open 24 hours

Review of Kingemon Dotombori

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/12/06 Osaka Black
I like the choice given between thick or thin noodles. One piece of pork, not too flavourable but egg was awesome. The Osaka black was award winning but a bit too strong for me with a bitter...
Reviewed:2017/02/17 Better than Ichiran一蘭!!
Ichiran is famous but my 13 year old wants to try King Emon which is highly recommended by some utuber. That doesnt disappoint me since after trying both, King Emon wins triple!! I will definitely...
Reviewed:2016/11/11 Very good ramen
The locals recommended we try the Osaka Black version. Soup made of fish, pork and dark soy sauce flavours. Choose between thick and thin noodles.

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Osaka Osakashi Chuou-ku Doutombori 1-4-17 [ map ]
Osaka Castle / Kyobashi / Eastern Osaka CityArea
11:00-8:00 the next day ※ Friday-Sunday/The day public holiday is open 24 hours
open everyday
Parking Lot
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Vegetarian Menu
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English Menu

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          While Osaka prefecture is the country's second smallest prefecture, its capital, Osaka City, is the country’s third-largest and arguably one of the most popular in the Kansai region thanks to its vibrant nightlife, the Osaka people’s openness, and its much-loved cuisine, which has earned it the nickname “the nation’s kitchen."

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