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Kiyomizu-dera Temple Otowa Waterfall (清水寺 音羽の滝)



This waterfall is located in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto at the foot of Kiyomizu-dera Temple's stone steps, known as Kiyomizu Stage. Groundwater coming down from Mt. Otowa falls into the waterfall basin through three bamboo pipes, and is said to bring longevity, success in love, and academic improvement. In addition, you can use a ladle to drink the water from the waterfall. It is a power spot that many people come to visit.


Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Kiyomizu 1-chome 294 (Gion / Higashiyama / YamashinaArea)

phone 0755511234

Review of Kiyomizu-dera Temple Otowa Waterfall

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2019/11/22 A MUST
I actually paid for the entrance to the temple just to visit this. I went through the ritual that is required to get either health, wealth or long life not know which water stream is which.
Reviewed:2019/10/22 Good Luck Water
Otowa Waterfall, actually three separate trickles, flows at the base of the main hall of Kiyomizu Temple. The temple complex took its name (Pure Water Temple) from the waterfall when it was founded...
Reviewed:2019/10/08 The focal point of this temple complex
not far from the main temple, avoid the shortcut stairs unless you are pressed for time. Otherwise stop for a sip

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Kyoto Kyoutoshi Higashiyama-ku Kiyomizu 1-chome 294 [map]
Gion / Higashiyama / YamashinaArea

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