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Yunoyama Onsen Kyoukai湯の山温泉協会

Tourism Information Office

"The Yunoyama Onsen Kyoukai is an association that oversees operation of the Yunoyama Onsen hot springs resort, which is located in the eastern foothills of Mt. Gozaisho. Besides providing information about accommodation in this historic hot springs resort, which was first established around 1,300 years ago, the association also functions as a tourist information office, providing details about places to see in the area and hot springs facilities suitable for day-trip visitors, etc.; visitors can pick up pamphlets containing useful information. There is convenient access from Gozaisho Ropeway Station, which is the ""gateway"" to the hot springs area, and the Yunoyama Onsen Kyoukai should be the first place you visit when you arrive."

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place Mie Pref. Miegunkomonochou Komono 8522
phone 0593922115



Mie Pref. Miegunkomonochou Komono 8522 [map]



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Spread across the eastern side of the Kii Peninsula, Mie prefecture boasts hundreds of kilometers of pretty coastline comprising the oyster-rich Toba city and Shima National Park all the way down to Kumano, a city that marks the beginning of part of the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage, which runs into neighboring Wakayama prefecture. However, Mie is best known for the Ise Jingu Shinto shrine inland, one of the oldest and largest shrines in the country.