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Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center平泉文化遺産センター

Museum / Science Museum

This free facility introduces the history and culture of Hiraizumi in an understandable way through wall panels and videos. Items such as documents related to Hiraizumi’s World Heritage sites and articles recovered from the ground during excavation projects are displayed. Paying a visit before sightseeing will deepen your understanding of Hiraizumi’s history and culture and make for a more enjoyable visit. Audio guides that support four languages are also available for use by foreign visitors.

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place Iwate Pref. Nishiwaigunhiraizumichou Hiraizumi Hanadate 44
phone 0191464012

Review of Hiraizumi Cultural Heritage Center

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2018/11/14 Puts Hiraizumi's heritage into context
We only discovered the Cultural Heritage Centre on a walk from our hotel while exploring the surrounding area. A visit to here should be the initial step in exploring Hiraizumi's World Heritage...
Reviewed:2017/03/09 Beautiful place to walk on a snowy day
We spent a relaxing afternoon walking through the temple complex at Hiraizumi and footpaths that connect them with the Hiraizumi train station (just two stops from our hotel in Ichinoseki). Snow...
Reviewed:2016/08/25 Not much here
There's really not much here, mainly some dolls dressed in ancient costumes.
Would suggest giving it a miss and heading to Konjikido.



Iwate Pref. Nishiwaigunhiraizumichou Hiraizumi Hanadate 44 [map]



9:00-17:00 (until 16:30)
New Year's Holiday (phone/HP confirmation required)
Entrance Free
Parking Lot
Available (Cars40spaces, 3spaces for disabled people)
Credit Card
Not available

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