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Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin Hongyoin Temple (成田山川越別院本行院)

 0492220173  Saitama Pref. Kawagoeshi Kubomachi 9-2

A Buddhist temple situated along Prefectural Route 15 in Kubo-machi, Kawagoe City. A branch temple of the Naritasan Shinshoji Temple to which a portion of the head temple's spirit of Acala was ritually transferred, the temple was founded by Ishikawa Sho'on in 1850. The temple holds a flea market on the 28th of each month and visitors will find a variety of stalls selling curios and other items.


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Review of Naritasan Kawagoebetsuin

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
Reviewed:2017/03/24 Naritasan Shrine
A famous shrine in Kawagoe. It is a branch of the Naritasan Shinsoji Buddhist Temple of Narita, Chiba.

The temple is a popular place to pray for poor eyesight and general eye health. It has a turtle...
Reviewed:2016/08/29 Really fun antique fair!
This concrete shrine is pleasant enough, with a welcoming attitude and some high-tech gadgetry. (The large gong in the bell tower is sounded, not by a shaven-headed priest in flowing robes, but by a...
Reviewed:2016/05/21 A simple Buddhist temple.
A not-so-impressive temple but still possesses a charming solitude. Mistook this for Kita-in because of the huge Buddha statue right outside the gates.
Reviewed:2018/09/27 不動明王のご朱印を頂きました!
Reviewed:2018/09/10 川越のお不動さん

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