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The Fall and Rise of Itsuki Mura



6. September. 2019

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Itsuki Mura, a village located in the southern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, was for many years like a number of other rural villages in Japan – a successful, self-sufficient community of farmers tending to their rice paddies, livestock and fresh produce. Then, in 1966 Their whole world was turned upside down when the local authorities announced that a dam would be erected in the center of the village, displacing almost half of the 3000 person population. Those who would lose their homes, livelihood and land would be moved to a new part of the village that was going to be constructed in time for work on the dam.

The Fall and Rise of Itsuki Mura


  • Shirataki Park
  • Café Minamoto
  • Keiryu Villa
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Historia Terrace Itsukidani

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