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What Not to Miss in Kanazawa's Higashi Chaya District



5. May. 2019

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Despite being home to one of the most visited and photographed streets in Japan, the Higashi Chaya District’s irresistibly charming machiya wooden houses can be intimidating to enter with no clear sign of what hides behind those wooden walls. Here are 5 things you should make sure not to miss on your trip up and down the traditional streets of Kanazawa.

Higashi Chaya District


  • Step inside the shiny “Gold House”
  • Hakuza Hikari Kura Gold House
  • Touch the stunning traditional crafts
  • Kutani-yaki Porcelain
  • Observe historical Chaya-Kenchiku
  • Kaikarou
  • Ochaya Shima Tea House
  • Enjoy a short break at a stylish Japanese Machiya café
  • Hakuichi Higashiyama store – gold leaf soft-serve ice cream
  • Kaho Kazu Nakashima - great combination of sake and Japanese sweets
  • Café Tamon - 100 year old renovated Machiya
  • Enjoy tasting more than 100 different types of sake
  • Higashi-yama Shuraku
  • Get souvenirs of numerous Kanazawa gold leaf products!
  • Gold Leaf Beauty Products
  • Enjoy an evening walk in an atmospherically illuminated neighborhood

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