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Ise Jingu (Naiku)



21. August. 2019

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Amaterasu Omikami (sun goddess) was enshrined around 2,000 years ago in the Inner Shrine. This place is known as the most sacred shrine in Japan.

Legend has it that the sun goddess hid herself in a cave after she could'nt tolerate her brother's violent acts. Hiding herself away inadvertantly deprived the Earth of sunlight. The other gods became worried, so they tricked her into coming out willingly with luringly good music & dance.

If you want to see the Holy Mirror (symbol of Ameterasu Omikami), then you will need to go inside the main sacred palace located within the main sanctuary.

Following an ancient Shinto custom, the main shrine building is completely rebuilt every 20 years, with the most recent rebuild completed in 2013.

Due to the large size of the grounds, you might want to set aside 1-2 hours if you're planning on seeing everything.

Ise Jingu (Naiku) - main shrine Kotai Jingu

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