No.29 Ikaho Onsen  (Gunma)

Ikaho Onsen (Gunma)



No.29 Ikaho Onsen  (Gunma)

A hot spring district sprawling halfway up Mt. Haruna which has been known as a hot spring health resort destination since ancient times. There are two source springs in the area with differing properties, the Kogane no Yu and Shirogane no Yu, and the hot spring district bustles with visitors throughout the year. The Kogane no Yu is a reddish-brown sulfate spring containing abundant amounts of calcium and sodium; highly medicinal, the spring's waters are said to promote health and ease muscle soreness, chronic digestive diseases, and hardening of the arteries. The Shirogane no Yu is a transparent and odorless simple met silicic acid spring containing large amounts of moisturizing substances, making its waters particularly popular with women.

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