6 Best Snacks from Hiroshima That Go Well with Sake



Hiroshima, a popular destination to visit is full of local delicacies that will satisfy anyone's appetites. From fresh oysters to momijimanju (maple leaf shaped cake with a filling of sweet red bean paste) to Hiroshima style okonomiyaki, there are many best local eats to munch on as you make your way through the prefecture. However, many of these local savories must be eaten on spot and hard to take home as a souvenir. But, to solve that problem, ekie Hiroshima, a shopping center directly connected to JR Hiroshima Station offers some snacks to take home which goes well with sake. Here are 6 of the best snacks that are highly recommended to try.

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    Deep fried fish snack: Carp Katsu

    One of the official items of the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, a baseball team in Hiroshima is this "Carp Cutlet". Unlike its name, fish meat used for this snack isn’t carp but other minced white meat added with squid powder which are then battered and deep fried. This snack is individually wrapped per slice and comes in 16 pieces for just 650 yen (tax inclusive). It is a okonomiyaki sauce flavor, which this sauce is a sweet-savory Japanese condiment, with rich flavors similar to thick Worcestershire sauce. It goes well with beer.

    Carp Katsu

    Carp Katsu

    Carp Katsu sold for 650yen (tax inclusive) for 16 pieces

    Carp Katsu sold for 650yen (tax inclusive) for 16 pieces

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    Bite-sized Japanese cracker: Curry Arare

    Any lover of authentic curry in Japan would have heard of Nakamuraya in Shinjuku, a curry shop with a long history. Their Curry Arare, a popular bite-sized Japanese cracker, is one of those confectioneries that delight the taste buds just the right way. It has a sweetness from the Otafuku sauce used for okonomiyaki and a spiciness from Nakamuraya’s original curry spices. It's crunchy but light and goes really well with beer. They are available in packs of eight or twelve, making them the perfect snack to take home.

    Curry Arare 8pack (700yen) / 12pack (1000yen) tax inclusive

    Curry Arare 8pack (700yen) / 12pack (1000yen) tax inclusive

    Curry Arare 8pack (700yen) / 12pack (1000yen) tax inclusive

    Curry Arare 8pack (700yen) / 12pack (1000yen) tax inclusive

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    Canned Oyster

    This canned oyster is a combination of a lemon seasoned with Japanese seaweed salt, “Moshio” and the fresh oysters from Hiroshima harmoniously marinated and soaked in olive oil. Eating as is, is ofcourse good but to make it even tastier, marinating in a boiled pasta is highly recommended. They are reasonably priced at only 540 yen per can and go really well with white wine and dry sake.

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    Oyster Chips

    Kakisenbei or literally translated as oyster chips from Hiroshima uses actual fresh oysters instead of extracts. The fresh oysters are first dried then kneaded into the chips before baking it crispy. As a result, the umami from the oysters are packed tightly with a hint of oysters wafting through the air as you open the package to eat these chips. This is a very popular souvenir from Miyajima Island and goes really well with mugi (barley) and rice (kome) shochu.

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    Setouchi Lemon Flavored Fried Chicken Skin Chips

    “Setouchi lemon flavored fried chicken skin chips” uses Japanese domestic chicken skin marinated with Setouchi lemons, seasoned with salt, and fried to a crisp. As if eating an actual fried chicken, it has a rich flavor and is very crispy. Because it is bite sized, children and adults can be eaten alike. This best goes well with beer and highball.

    Each packages are sold for 500yen (tax inclusive)

    Each packages are sold for 500yen (tax inclusive)

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    Deep Fried Pig Guts: Senji-niku

    Hiroshima’s specialty “Senji-niku” is literally a pork gut which has been slowly roasted, then fried to remove the water from the guts to concentrate the natural flavor. As a result, the outside is crispy but the more you bite into it, the juice comes out and makes it more flavorful. It goes best with beer and lemon sour.

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