On July 16th, 2020, a new complex, SHUKNOVA opened in Shinjuku Central Park. The new complex consists of both a diner, cafe, terrace, and a fitness club. Adjacent to the Shinjuku Central Park and also within walking distance from the shopping and entertainment districts of Shinjuku, the new complex SHUKNOVA would be an oasis for a little getaway in nature in the middle of the busy metropolitan city.

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    Musashino Mori Diner

    "Musashino Mori Coffee" is the first cafe brand of Skylark group that has a concept of "All Day Living - Relaxing Healing Space -" and for their new business style, they have opened their first diner restaurant here at SHUKNOVA. The newly opened “Musashino Mori Diner” located on the ground floor of the complex is open from 7 am to 10 pm serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To meet the demands of the customers, there are 2 private rooms, bench seats, and single seats which all are equipped with sockets, USB ports and, even wifi.

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    PARKERS TOKYO is a brand new style fitness gym that offers both indoor and outdoor programs. On the ground floor, there is a bouldering gym with 80 to 100 climbing routes. These routes are said to change frequently and can accommodate from children to adults, beginners to experts. To use this facility, visitors must check in at the front desk inside the gym on the 2nd floor.

    On the second floor, which is where the gym is, there is a yoga studio and a shower room. Unlike any other yoga studios, because the complex SHUKNOVA is built adjacent to the park, visitors can exercise while gazing at this beautiful greenery listening to the chirping sound of the birds and the sweeping leaf sounds. On one corner of the park, there is a special lawn usually off-limits, designed for doing yoga in the outdoor. PARKERS TOKYO plans to hold an outdoor yoga class every Sunday morning on that special lawn. Even if it rains, there is no need for a rain check as the indoor yoga studio has a balcony with a roof where they can still hold a class as if it is done outside.

    Aside from yoga, PARKERS TOKYO is planning some outdoor activities such as jogging with the coach for beginners and for experts, a day trip out in the mountains for some intensive trail running. And maybe surfing out in the ocean during summer. This gym is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm and membership is not necessary. However, for frequent users, they offer a free pass starting from 8,800yen per month.

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    Adjacent to the gym, there is a free public terrace open from 7 am to 9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 6 pm on weekends and holidays. The terrace is equipped with free wifi and bringing in food and beverages is allowed but pets are not allowed. However, there is no toilet so visitors must go down to use the toilet available inside the park. In total, there are about 40 seats ranging from bench sets to standing desks and others.

    This terrace uses a special 3D printed speaker by FOREMAR using an amorphous structure. The conventional speakers are placed in a box to resonate with the sound but have noise in the music played. However, this groundbreaking speaker is not covered with open space in the back. Together with the amorphous structure, this new generation speaker plays a piece of sophisticated music as if listening to a live performance of the musicians.

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    What is SHUKNOVA?

    The word “SHUKNOVA” is a coined word putting together “Shuk” derived from one of the kanji (Japanese characters) used to write post town/stations and “nova” meaning new in Latin. Shinjuku was formerly a post town/station called Naito Shinjuku which was a stopover on the way to Edo castle back in 1697 during the Edo period. Respecting its history, a coined word “SHUKNOVA” was born in hope to have this new complex a bridge between old and new, and a complex of cultural exchange.

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