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The Top 10 Curry Restaurants in Tokyo



18. March. 2020

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Curry, the comfort food of Japan. It has that spicy smell sure to whet your appetite, as well as being a staple of good home-cooking. Some people even say that they could eat curry every day. Curry lovers have done an extensive research to make carefully prepared renditions that border on works of art. We’ve put together a list full of the best Tokyo curry restaurants where you’ll likely find your favorite curry in Japan. Let’s dig in!

The Top 10 Curry Restaurants in Tokyo


  • Yakuzen Soup Curry Shania in Meguro
  • Beef Tendon Curry Chiisana Curry-ya in Shin-Okubo
  • Sumatra Curry Kyoeido in Jimbocho
  • Curry Bondy in Jimbocho
  • Mandala in Jimbocho
  • Ethiopia in Jimbocho
  • Tomato in Ogikubo
  • Minoringo in Harajuku
  • Curry Kusamakura in Shinjuku
  • Rojiura Curry Samurai in Shimokitazawa

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