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14 of the Best Activities in Kyoto



8. June. 2019

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Unlike any other city in Japan, Kyoto embodies the cultural concept of “Wa 和”, with its peaceful setting amongst naturally beautiful surrounds. It’s a destination brimming with traditional cultures that is an essential stop on every traveler’s Japanese itinerary. But aside from ticking off temples, how can you truly experience the essence of Kyoto and its age-old traditions?

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the hands-on experiences that are available in Kyoto. Not only will they contribute to your understanding of Japanese culture but you’ll come away with some unique souvenirs to take home.

14 of the Best Activities in Kyoto


  • Kimono rental experience
  • Japanese cooking class
  • Kiyomizu ware painting and Pottery experience
  • Japanese sweets making experience
  • Matcha making experience
  • Get crafty at Fujinomoriryo 藤森寮
  • See the sights of Kyoto on a cycling tour
  • Maiko makeover
  • Teahouse experience with a maiko or geisha
  • Incense making at Shoyeido 松栄堂
  • Japanese calligraphy experience
  • Braiding experience at Adachi Kumihimo Kan 安達くみひも館
  • Kyoyuzen kimono dyeing at Marumasu-Nishimuraya 丸益西村屋
  • Go-kart experience