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The Best 10 curry shops in Shimokitazawa



29. March. 2019

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If you’re looking for great curry, then you’ve come to the right place. Shimokitazawa is known for being a hotspot of well-known curry shops that have a variety of choices for you. In this article, we’ll introduce ten popular curry shops that are unique and delicious. It’ll make you want to come back to Shimokitazawa again and again!

The Best 10 curry shops in Shimokitazawa


  • Rojiura Curry Samurai
  • Mikazuki Curry Samurai
  • Curry Planet
  • Tarikihonganji Curry
  • Magic Spice
  • Kyuyam-tei Shimokita-sou
  • Pannya Café Curry
  • Ponipirica
  • Soup Curry Cocoro Shimokitazawa
  • Curry & Café SAMA

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