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7 things you should know about Japan



26. January. 2020

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Many tourists after their first visit to Japan would say“It’s different from what I imagined” or “My image of Japan has changed.
So we thought we’d introduce some of the common misconceptions about Japan and things you should know before you visit. 

7 things you should know about Japan


  • 1. Are tattoos allowed in the onsen (hot springs) and sento (public bathhouses)?
  • 2. Consumption tax in Japan and recent increases
  • 3. Do you stand on the left-hand side of escalators in Japan?
  • 4. You can’t take leftovers home from restaurants
  • 5. Understanding the self-checkout system at stores
  • 6. Luxury clothing stores offer a “send-off” service
  • 7. Plastic bags are still free

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