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Complete guide on types of Japanese sushi restaurants and how to use it



5. February. 2019

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Sushi is a very popular meal domestically/internationally. Although now it can be found overseas easily, we hope you enjoy authentic sushi in Japan, the origin of the meal.
There are an uncountable number of sushi restaurants in Japan, which classes vary widely.
This guide offers information on restaurants from those offering within reasonable price ranges to expensive ones, how to enjoy sushi in a simple way, etc. introducing each class and types of sushi restaurants.


  • Sushi trains: you can enjoy what you like at reasonable prices / from how to order to make a payment
  • Middle-class sushi restaurant chain “SUSHI NO MIDORI”
  • High-class sushi restaurants
  • All-you-can-eat sushi
  • Sushi @ Depachika / stand-and-eat style / delivery

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