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Narita Airport : Best Wi-Fi and Prepaid SIMs in Japan



30. January. 2019

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In our fast paced society, it’s hard to go even a day without the internet, even when traveling abroad. If you’ve forgotten to rent yourself a SIM or Wi-Fi device for your trip to Japan, don’t worry about it! Although many places recommend that you prepare a SIM or Wi-Fi router before you leave for Japan, there are several services that you can find in Narita Airport that will offer you a Japan SIM card, prepaid SIM or Wi-Fi router without having to reserve one in advance. This article will help you get yourself online in Japan in 2019, whatever situation you find yourself in.

NB: This information is current as of January 2019.

Narita Airport: Stay connected with SIMs through the Airport


  • Renting a Pocket Wi-Fi
  • Purchasing a SIM Card
  • Things to keep in mind before buying a SIM card
  • Making phone calls: Getting a SIM with voice calling and a telephone number at the Airport
  • Unlimited Data SIMs
  • Affordable but not unlimited: AnyFone JAPAN
  • JAPAN TRAVEL SIM and Prepaid SIM for Travel
  • Vending Machine SIMs
  • Free SIMs

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