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Suica and Pasmo: Transportation IC cards and How to Use them in Japan


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5. July. 2019

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Oyster, Opal and T-money, just to name a few. We’re all living in a world where using prepaid public transportation passes are the norm. However, in Japan, one’s transportation pass can do much more than save you from carrying extra coins in your pocket or the chance of losing your ticket. From convenience stores to taxis, you can use Suica and Pasmo in many places all over the country. Because they’re so convenient to have, we suggest getting one when you arrive.

Suica and Pasmo: Transportation IC cards and how to use them in Japan


  • Types of IC Cards
  • Usage Range of Suica and Pasmo
  • How to buy Suica
  • Children on Suica
  • Topping up your IC card
  • Using Suica in shops
  • Refund

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