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How to Use the Japan Rail Pass



12. September. 2018

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The four main islands of the Japanese archipelago are relatively well connected by a network of trains whose veins spread to the farthest corners of the country. While budget buses are also available, trains are the quickest and most comfortable way to get around, especially if you find yourself speeding down the country on an iconic bullet train—or shinkansen—past Mt. Fuji. Any traveller planning to make multiple stops around Japan is advised to check out the Japan Rail pass, or JR pass, which lets you hop on and off JR trains and shinkansen as and when you wish for a period of one, two, or three weeks.

How to Use the Japan Rail Pass


  • Buy in advance
  • Choose your type of pass
  • Picking up your JR pass
  • Set your start date
  • Plan your train journeys

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