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Stay at These Hotels Near the Imperial Palace



19. July. 2018

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The once residence of Japan's Imperial Family, and still a significant landmark not only in Kyoto but in the whole of Japan, the Kyoto Imperial Palace is the historic heart of the city. Situated in the lush surrounds of Kyoto Imperial Park it’s a popular destination for both local and international tourists, especially during the seasonal transitions of spring and autumn when the surrounding foliage changes color, painting unforgettably beautiful scenes. This central lcoation is a great place to set up home base when exploring Kyoto in a group or with a family. Here are five accommodation options for larger travelling groups.

Stay at These Hotels Near the Imperial Palace


  • THE JUNEI HOTEL Kyoto Imperial Palace West
  • Kyoto Brighton Hotel
  • Villafront Kyoto Seimei
  • Kyoto Four Sisters Residence
  • Bijuu Residence

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