NAVITIME TravelFlight arrangement service information(How to use the reservation / purchase screen)

1.Select your flight.

  • Enter the required information below and put the desired flight in your cart.

    1. Date of flight
    2. Number of people using
    3. Flight number
  • You can have up to two flights in your cart. To add another flight, change the boarding date and flight, then search again. (Even for round-trip flights, select each flight as a one-way flight.)

  • If the number of passengers to board each flight is different, you cannot make reservations and purchase tickets for the flights at the same time. So after you purchase one flight ticket, start over and purchase the other flight ticket separately.

2.Enter the applicant and passenger's information.

  • Enter the information below for all the passengers.

    1. Name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Nationality
  • Also enter the information below for the applicant making the reservations.

    1. Email address to send the necessary Confirmation No. and Reservation No.
    2. Phone No.
  • Be sure to enter your email address correctly. If your email address is incorrect, you will not receive the Confirmation No. and Reservation No. required to board the flight.

  • The Confirmation No., Reservation No., and other information necessary for boarding will be sent to the applicant. If the person making the reservations will not be a passenger on the flight, use an email account that the passengers can view at their destination.

3.Final confirmation of the flight, fare, applicant, and passenger information.

  • The flight reservations will be made based on the information you have entered. Check the selection and information below to make sure there are no mistakes.

    1. Flight date
    2. Flight number
    3. Payment amount (Total amount for the air fares of all your passengers, handling fees, and taxes)
    4. Passenger names (All passengers)
    5. Passenger(s) date of birth (for all passengers)
    6. Nationality of passenger(s) (for all passengers)
    7. E-mail address of applicant
    8. Contact phone number of applicant
  • If there is any mistaken information, boarding might not be permitted. Be sure to check that everything is correct.


  • Press the "Submit" button.

    There will be up to four emails sent to you.

    1. Reservation completed email
    2. Invoice email
      ※The invoice email will not be sent if you have already paid. (Ignore it if it is sent by mistake.)
    3. Payment confirmation email
    4. Boarding information email

5.Reservation completed email

  • After you submit your flight reservations, an email will be sent automatically.

    • If you do not receive the email within 10 minutes, it is possible that you submitted the wrong email address. Contact the Call Center during business hours.

    • If we cannot accommodate your desired reservations, we will call or email you.

    ※Our email address will include the following domain:
    ※It is possible that our email went to your junk mailbox or other mailbox. Check your mailboxes.

5-2.Invoice email

  • If your reservations have been processed and the plane fare has not been paid yet, we will send you an invoice email for the plane fare.
    In the email, check your reservations information again. Then click on the URL for the payment page and complete the payment.

  • There is a deadline for sending payment. If the payment is not received by the deadline, your reservations will be cancelled automatically.

    *If your reservations are cancelled automatically, there will be no cancellation fee.
    *If you receive an invoice email after you have already sent the payment, please ignore it.


  • On the reservations completed screen, press the "Go to payment page" button. If this button does not appear, click on the payment URL in the invoice email.

  • Enter your credit card information.

    1. Credit card number
    2. Card security code
    3. Credit card expiration date
    4. Credit card holder's name
  • After the payment is completed, a payment confirmation email and email containing the Confirmation No., Reservation No., and other information for boarding will be sent to you.

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