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Ota Mokko – Japanese Parquetry in the Hills of Kanagawa



3. December. 2019

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Parquetry is a type of handicraft that uses various woods assembled in a geometric mosaic with a distinctive effect and pattern. Early parquetry dates back to the 1680s in Europe, where it steadily gained recognition and respect from artisans across the continent.
Approximately two hundred years later the art of parquetry made its way across the globe and also became a thing in Japan. With its rich source of trees and varied woods Japan was well suited to the artform and it soon became a popular hobby among artists and craftsmen, specifically in and around the Hakone and Odawara regions of Kanagawa Prefecture.

To this day the region is known for its output of high-quality parquetry, with a handful of artists specializing in the craft at a very high level, who are respected around the world. One such man is Ken Ota, who has been practicing parquetry since the early 2000s, originally from Yamagata, he now works from his studio which is based in Kanagawa.

A wooden box made by Mr Ota at Ota Mokko in Kanagawa


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