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Remote Adventures: Exploring The Shimane’s Dozen Islands



6. February. 2020

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To the west of their larger counterpart Dogo, the three dozen islands are a haven for nature lovers with beautiful hiking trails, delicious local food and fascinating traditions. Formed from a single caldera long ago, the three islands are now separated by seas but remain closely con-nected on a cultural level. Once part of Pangea along with Dogo before a lake and eventually a sea formed, separating Japan, the Oki islands were initially a peninsula but became remote islands over six million years ago. Their unusual development means they have a unique eco-system, stunning rock formations and a chance to escape everyday life into the wilds of Ja-pan.

With an inter-island boat service, all three islands can be explored easily, be it over a weekend or longer. Protected by the Daisen-Oki National Park, it’s the perfect location for a few days of windswept hikes, with some surprisingly contemporary restaurants to look forward to at the end of your day.

Remote Adventures: Exploring The Shimane’s Dozen Islands


  • Chiburi Island
  • Best Nature Spots: Sekiheki Red Cliff Walk and Mt. Akahage
  • Best Experience: Red Cliff Boat Tour
  • Best Experience: Iwagaki Oyster Painting
  • Best Food: Hotel Chibu no Sato’s in-house Restaurant
  • Nishinoshima Island
  • Best Nature Spot: Matengai Cliff Sky Walking
  • Best Food: Lunch at Nishiwaki
  • Nakanoshima Island
  • Best Experience: Night Prayer at Oki Shrine
  • Best Food: Dinner at Radice Italian
  • Transport On and Between the Dozen Islands
  • Access to the Dozen Islands


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