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35 of the Best Things to Do in Yamanashi



17. July. 2019

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Yamanashi is most famous for Japan’s highest mountain, Fuji, but they have plenty more things that you can enjoy. It’s not far from Tokyo at all and very easy to access by train or bus. Touristy places such as Mt. Fuji, the onsen (hot springs), fruit picking, and other in-season events are always crowded with people from in or outside of Japan. They also have good local food, such as hoto (noodles in a vegetable soup), fresh fruits and fine wines. Here is a selection of activities and delicious options to help make your Yamanashi trip unforgettable!

38 of the Best Things to Do in Yamanashi


  • Mt. Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes (Fuji-Goko)
  • Go camping in the best Mt. Fuji viewing spot
  • View Mt. Fuji from the most popular spot
  • Check out the natural treasures
  • Fuji-Q Highland
  • Combined views of Mt. Fuji and seasonal flowers
  • Fun activities for a rainy day
  • Popular gourmet experiences in the Mt. Fuji area
  • “Limited season only” Mt. Fuji, a once-in-a-lifetime mountain climbing experience!
  • Seasonal events in the Mt. Fuji area
  • Experience a special train ride near Mt. Fuji!
  • Fruits picking in the “Kingdom of Fruits”!
  • Visit wineries in Japan’s well-known wine-growing area
  • Explore the art museums
  • Enjoy traditional Japanese house café hopping
  • Feel the nature at the Forest Therapy Base
  • Spectacular night views at Fruits Park and a lovely outdoor hot spring
  • Kikyoya Shingen Mochi Factory
  • Fuefuki Togenkyo Spring Festival
  • View Cormorant Fishing in Isawa on the Fuefuki River
  • Isawa Onsen Fireworks Festival
  • Samurai battle event! Kawanakajima Kassen in fall
  • Developed area around Kofu Station
  • A gorge beauty in the Shosenkyo area
  • Minobusan Kuonji Temple
  • Shimobe Onsen where Shingen Takeda healed himself
  • A gigantic space with fun activities - Fujikawa Craft Park
  • Shibire-ko
  • Hoshino Resort Resonare Yatsugatake
  • Achieve a beautiful mind and body during a shrine visit
  • Try the taste of popular whiskey at the Suntory Hakushu distillery
  • Shop wisely at a plateau resort!
  • Paint to your heart’s content in an artistic resort
  • Indulge in a luxurious experience on a 1900-meter-high hill
  • Only in summer! 360℃ views with 600,000 sunflowers



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