Five Things You Need to Try in Shinkamigoto



Shinkamigoto’s pace is not the hectic rush of the city. People on the islands tend to take it easy. But that’s not to say that there’s nothing to do in Shinkamigoto! Whether it’s crushing camellia or yoga on the beach, there’s an experience waiting for you in Shinkamigoto. Here are five ways to spend your time in Shinkamigoto.

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    Have a Picnic

    With friends or just solo, there’s no better way to enjoy the impressive views and natural vistas of the islands than to hit one of the markets or shops on the island, get set up for a picnic and set up in a picturesque spot. An al fresco portable meal along the harbors in Nakadori’s port towns are an option, and a picnic is a great choice if you’re heading out to more remote spots like Kashiragashima or the hilly interior of Wakamatsu or Nakadori.

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    Collect Church Stamps

    Pick up a church stamp book and collect as you go. Sort of a Christian pilgrimage version of the books shrines and temples mark with their goshuin stamps and calligraphy, many of the churches in Shinkamigoto, including Aosagaura Church and Kashiragashima Church, have their own unique marks. You can collect stamps in your own journal but the nonprofit Nagasaki Junrei Center, who also publish a guidebook to Nagasaki pilgrimage sites, have their own dedicated notebook. The easiest way is to order a copy online, but it’s also available at the nonprofit’s offices in Nagasaki and their office in Kashiragashima.

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    Take Art in a Hands-on Experience

    Kurashi no Gakko “En” was built in an uninhabited village on Nakadori Island as a “living school.” Kurashi no Gakko runs various programs but they’re more than happy for visitors to stop by and pitch in working around the yard. They make local products like sea salt and tofu the old fashioned way. Elsewhere, there’s the kankoro mochi workshop run by a nonprofit in Arikawa out of a venue attached to the ferry terminal, and you could also visit the camellia factory up near Bandake Onsen to try your hand at squeezing tsubaki oil.

    くらしの学校 えん
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    Take a Paddle or Do Some Yoga at Hamaguri Deck

    Hamaguri Deck runs yoga lessons out on the beach, beginning around 7:30am, which is an invigorating way to start the morning and get a good stretch to prepare you for hiking the mountains. Another option—or fuel up with a dose of caffeine from Kato Coffee after the yoga lesson—Hamaguri Deck has some other options, too. Why not rent one of their transparent canoes and paddle around the inlet?

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    Go Stargazing

    The islands of Shinkamigoto are the perfect place to look up at the stars: next to no light pollution, way out in the ocean, and clear skies. Contact Shinkamigoto’s tourism office for more direction, but it’s as simple as getting away from the few populated spots on Nakadori and Wakamatsu and looking up. Spring and winter have the clearest skies on the island, but the astral lightshow is impressive year-round.



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