4 Recommended Sweets Cafes in Fukuoka



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    Head to Himitsu no Hanazono for the Customizable Pancakes

    Himitsu no Hanazono (“secret garden”) in the trendy, hip Daimyo neighborhood west of Fukuoka Tenjin Station is famous for their Kiwami Matcha Tower, a sort of miniature staircase with each platform hosting a unique matcha dessert. Gripped by the recent hotcake boom, Himitsu no Hanazono has ventured into the pancake game with their customizable flapjacks that can—and this is all up to you—range from restrained carbohydrate platters with scattered fresh fruit to leaning towers of pastry, whipped cream and sprinkles. Himitsu no Hanazono’s specialty is matcha sweets, so be sure to add some on the side (or right on top of the pancakes), and add a mug of matcha to your order, too.

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    Daimyo Softcream

    Passing by, you could easily confuse Daimyo Softcream, with its raw concrete and minimalist esthetic, for a third wave cafe or a street wear select shop. It’s fitting perhaps, then, that they do make a mean cup of java and sell branded t-shirts... But, really, Daimyo Softcream is all about one thing: thick, creamy soft serve pumped into cones custom made for the shop. The Italian ice cream maker produces a luscious, high fat cream without air pockets or ice crystals. There are seasonal flavors, and the matcha version is certainly a fine option, but the striking black cones topped with a perfectly pulled coil of cream have become a symbol of the neighborhood.

    大名ソフトクリーム 大名店
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    Sip the Jelly Soda at Forest Mark Espresso

    Forest Mark Espresso, opened recently by a Tokyo transplant, is justly famous for its coffee, and the interior of the shop is crammed with the latest and greatest in roasting and brewing technology. The jelly soda, though, is the sweet treat to beat the Kyushu summer heat. Pearls of housemade jelly candy float in a glass of soda, topped with edible flowers and herbs. For something sweet but more substantial, opt for the freshly ironed waffles.

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    Sup Stand Café

    Come for the French press and a hot dog out on the terrace; come for the quirky location, grab a latte to go, and visit by the artist-run gallery spaces in the same complex; come for the minimalist desserts and sweet coffee drinks. The shop opened this year and has already hit its stride, when it comes to dessert, with offerings changing with the season and even from day to day. Tarts with seasonal fruit are on the menu, as well as brownies and pastries, and the caramel-y custardy canelé are some of the best you can find outside of Bordeaux (or, perhaps, French bakery branches in Tokyo).