Yonago Overview



  • On the border of Tottori Prefecture lies Yonago which is home to an array of beautiful hot springs with views of the Sea of Japan and the magnificent Mt. Daisen, which is the highest peak in this region. You can trust that this is the place to come to treat yourself to a truly relaxing getaway.

    Kaike Onsen was discovered over 100 years ago when a local fisherman stumbled across the hot spring water, and from that humble beginning the area has seen the establishment of enough ryokans to accommodate thousands of visitors to Yonago at any given time. Note - you should be prepared to see the beautiful white sand beach crowded with beach-goers in the summer months.

    With a high salt content that is said to be a miracle for the skin, visitors can soak in one of the many available hot spring baths while gazing out at the scenic surroundings. A more recent addition to this onsen resort is the ashiyu (foot bath) which maintains a temperature of more than 60 degrees celsius. Those enjoying the foot bath will also be gifted with panoramic views of the beach and Sea of Japan to ensure all the senses are pampered.

    Yonago is located on the border of Tottori Prefecture which is known for its fishing ports hauling in seafood specialities year round - shrimp in the spring; oysters and white squid in the summer; horse mackerel and white sailfin in the fall; and snow crab in the winter. Visitors to Yonago and Kaike Onsen will be well taken care of with the local cuisine. As with the seasonal food, visitors can expect seasonal views - beautiful fall leaves, a snow capped mountain, or blooming cherry blossoms.

    There’s no doubt that going to an onsen (hot spring) is an essential experience in Japan, and the Kaike Onsen Resort in Yonago is one of the only places where you can indulge in both hot spring bathing and sea bathing. Be sure to read up on onsen etiquette before diving in head first - most importantly, washing your body thoroughly before entering the bath. Public bathing is a beloved tradition entrenched in the Japanese lifestyle and having a strong awareness of the public bathing culture is encouraged.

    If you find yourself in danger of overindulgence (not likely, in this writer’s humble opinion) then take a break and explore the walking paths and landscape of the peninsula, or head to nearby Shimane for a change of pace.

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