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The Ultimate Osaka Guide 2020; What to Do and What to Eat



29. November. 2019

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Osaka is the second largest city of Japan and its cultural uniqueness attracts people who are looking for a vibrant and exciting city filled to the brim with some of the best views, most exciting attractions, shopping, and some of the most beautiful culture and history that Japan has to offer.

In this guide we have 5 categories to enjoy ultimate Osaka: food, heritage and culture, travel tips, activities and attractions, and shopping.

30 of the Best Things to Do in Osaka


  • Indulge Yourself in Osaka, the Food Capital of Japan
  • ―Dine like a Local at Osaka’s Best Food Districts
  • Feast on Kushikatsu beneath Tsutenkaku and Shinsekai
  • Visit Hozenji Yokocho Alley for authentic food experiences
  • Eat your way around the Kuromon Ichiba Market
  • Eat Yakiniku in Korea Town Tsuruhashi
  • ―Become an Osaka Cuisine Expert
  • Compare the Takoyaki of Namba
  • Sample the local Negiyaki
  • Try Osaka's new soul food, Spice Curry
  • ―Hottest Café Hopping in Osaka
  • Pokemon Café Osaka
  • Relax at a Riverside Café
  • Get your Caffeine fix in Horie
  • Drink an Instagrammable Smoothie in Temmabashi
  • Immerse Yourself in Osaka’s Rich Culture and Heritage
  • ―Buy a Lucky Charm at one of Osaka’s Best Temples and Shrines
  • Pray for academic success at Osaka Tenmangu Shrine
  • Be appeased by the turtles of Shitennoji Temple
  • Photograph the huge lion mouth of the Namba Yasaka Shrine
  • ―Experience Osaka’s most unique Festivals and Events
  • Tenjin Tenma Awa Odori
  • Tenjin Matsuri
  • Sumiyoshi Festival
  • ―Explore Osaka’s Historical Treasures
  • Soak up the Osaka Castle views from Miraiza
  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Mozu Furuichi Kofungun of Sakai
  • Admire the traditional Japanese style houses of Nakazakicho
  • Go Where the Past meets the Present - The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living
  • Experience the world of Taro Okamoto at the Expo’70 Commemorative Park
  • Our Most Important Travel Tip - Buy an Eco Card to get around
  • Enjoy Exciting Osaka, a Variety of Activities and Attractions
  • ―Thrilling Adventures for the Whole Family
  • USJ (Universal Studio Japan) cannot be removed from the list!
  • Enjoy Hirakata Park to the fullest
  • Spend a day in Expocity
  • ―Climb to New Heights to Experience Breath-taking Views
  • 5. Ride the Ferris wheel at HEP Five
  • Challenge yourself to the Edge the Harukas
  • ―From Whale Sharks to Waterfalls, Get in Touch with Nature in the City
  • Marvel at the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan’s sea creatures
  • Go hiking at Minoo Park
  • ―Join the Locals and Take in the Lively Osaka Nightlife
  • Step into the future at the Umeda Sky Building's Kuchu Teien Observatory
  • Take Instagrammable photos at Ura-Tenma's Chochin-dori
  • Photograph the Glico Man of Dotonbori
  • Embark on a pub crawl through Ura-Namba
  • ―Have Fun Making and Sampling Japanese Products
  • Make your own cup noodles at the Cup Noodle Museum
  • Suntory Yamazaki Distillery
  • ―Relax in a Uniquely Japanese kind of Onsen Theme Park
  • Spa world Shinsekai
  • Rejuvenate at the Solaniwa Onsen
  • Get out your Wallet for the Ultimate Osaka Shopping Spree
  • ―Try not to get Lost in these Sprawling Super Malls!
  • Discover the beauty of Osaka Station City
  • Explore the Umeda underground “Dungeon”
  • Heaven for bookworms: Hirakata T-Site
  • ―Check out ‘Akihabara’ and ‘America’ shopping in Osaka
  • Experience the ‘Akihabara of Osaka’ at Denden Town
  • Shop for youth fashion in Amerikamura
  • ‘Enjoy day to day life to the fullest’ Spirit of Osaka


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