Itineraries - Work Your Way Through West Ikebukuro



Itineraries - Work Your Way Through West Ikebukuro
  • 1. Explore Echika
    Start your visit to Ikebukuro by heading out from the station through Echika, an underground shopping street where you will find everything from food to fashion. If you’re hungry, make sure to stop at Midori Sushi for some of the best takeout Sushi in Tokyo

    2 .Cultivate yourself at the Metropolitan Theatre
    In case you got something to eat or drink, make a stop at the park in front of the metropolitan theatre, where you can admire the impressive architecture. Once inside, check their program and if there are any tickets left to an interesting concert or play.

    3. Educate yourself at the Tokyo Fire Department Ikebukuro Life Learning Security Center
    Japan sits on top of the pacific ring of fire, making it one of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. To educate the citizens of Tokyo, the fire department in Ikebukuro built this training facility where anyone can experience what it feels like to be in the middle of a massive earthquake. There are also rooms where you can learn how to perform CPR and how to use a fire extinguisher.

    4. Wind down (or get wild) in the Entertainment district
    After that somewhat serious experience, we suggest you head over to the entertainment district next to the west side of the JR Ikebukuro station, and wind down with a drink or two, perhaps over a some food, or just go bar hopping. If you want to spend the entire night drinking and mingling, Ikebukuro surely won’t disappoint..

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