Kamo Aquarium - Seal Lion Kamo Aquarium - Seal Lion

Kamo Aquarium



Kamo Aquarium - Seal Lion

Looking out on to the Sea of Japan just south of Sakata City is where you’ll find Kamo Aquarium, Yamagata Prefecture’s only aquarium and one of Japan’s best.

What makes the Kamo Aquarium particularly unique is its hypnotic jellyfish collection. There are over 50 different species of jellyfish on display, housed in the "Jellyfish Park" which with its backlit circular windows and lava-lamp-esque jellyfish looks as much like an art installation as it does an aquarium exhibit.

Beyond jellyfish, Kamo Aquarium is also home to an impressive collection of fresh and saltwater fish, a souvenir shop and a cafe which serves up plenty of jellyfish specialties including jellyfish ramen and jellyfish ice cream.