No.23 Shuzenji Spa (Shizuoka)

Shuzenji Spa (Shizuoka)



No.23 Shuzenji Spa (Shizuoka)

A renowned hot spring district which records say was discovered by the great monk Kobo Daishi in 807. It is considered one of Japan's 100 most renowned hot spring districts alongside the famous Three Ancient Hot Springs of Izu. This area was also the site of the famous power struggle which took place in the Minamoto clan in the Kamakura period, and the town is dotted with historic sites connected to the clan such as the Shigetsuden, the oldest wooden structure in Izu. The alkaline waters of the simple springs found here are said to aid recovery from fatigue and promote health in addition to helping relieve muscle soreness, chronic digestive diseases, sensitivity to cold, and other ailments.