No.8 Nyutou Onsen (Akita) No.8 Nyutou Onsen (Akita)

Nyutou Onsen (Akita)



No.8 Nyutou Onsen (Akita)

The collective term for the seven hot spring districts which dot the region at the foot of Mt. Nyutouzan straddling Akita Prefecture and Iwate Prefecture, the area has also been designated a National Hot Spring Health Resorts. This scenic hot spring region, rich in natural beauty, is surrounded by Mt. Akita-Komagatake and other revered mountains and is also a popular base for mountain climbing activities. Over 10 different types of source springs with differing qualities are found here, and visitors can enjoy a variety of hot spring waters depending on the location. There is a pass sold which provides access to seven hot spring bathhouses and tour busses also operate in the area where visit different hot springs, attracting large numbers of hot spring lovers.