Yosakoi Inari Shrine Yosakoi Inari Shrine

Yosakoi Inari Shrine よさこい稲荷神社



Yosakoi Inari Shrine

On your way to Kochi Castle, make sure to check out Yosakoi Inari Shrine, an inconspicuous shrine that most guidebooks ignore but that will leave a smile on your face. And the reason is not the fox statues that adorn the place like they do at inari shrines around the country but rather the curious roosters and hens roaming freely around the shrine. It is not clear why the roosters are venerated here but it could be a connection with the historic Onagadori or long-tailed chicken which was raised in Kochi Prefecture during the seventeenth century. Whatever the case might be, it is a unique spectacle that adds to the mystic of the old Tosa Region.