Nakajima Menya Nakajima Menya

Draw a picture and make original mini Daruma –Nakajima Menya



Nakajima Menya

A short walk from Kanazawa’s kitchen, the Omicho Market, will take you to Nakajima Menya where a theater drama business has operated since 1862. They have developed a powerful presence by selling theater objects such as masks and they now sell Kaga-Ningyo, the doll of Kanazawa, as well as other local toys. You can also participate in a drawing activity featuring Kaga Hachiman Okiagari, the traditional self-righting doll that’s made in Kanazawa. Simply select the type and size of the doll, then use their paints and brushes to beautify it. It’s a popular activity, so you need to have a reservation in advance!