Yokohama Air Cabin



Japan's first urban ropeway, the Yokohama Air Cabin, opened in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, attracting attention not only as a means of transportation between JR Sakuragicho Station and the Shinko District, but also as a sightseeing spot that allows visitors to see the city of Yokohama from the sky.

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    A Walk In The Sky

    The Yokohama Air Cabin is Japan's first and the world's latest urban circulatory ropeway that just opened in spring 2021. The mere 5 minute walk in the sky connects the area in front of JR Sakuragi-cho Station with the Canal Park in the Shinko District, where the popular sightseeing spot like Red Brick Warehouse, shopping mall, World Porters, and the amusement park, Yokohama Cosmo World are located. The ropeway is attracting attention as a tourist promotion facility that allows visitors to move around while viewing the cityscape of Minato Mirai from a height of up to 40 meters.

    While most of the ropeway can be found in the mountains, this is built in the heart of the city and traverses through the air of the city of Yokohama. The ticket can be purchased at the boarding point located right in front of the JR Sakuragicho station. The ticket office is on the second floor. One-way and round-trip tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines, but if you want to buy a combination ticket with the Giant Ferris Wheel at the amusement park, Yokohama Cosmo World, visitors will need to go to the staffed counter.

    After purchasing the ticket with the QR code, visitors will then head for the boarding gate. The "Departure" and "Boarding Gate" signs somewhat resemble that of an airport and adds excitement to this short but worth the ride. The cabin can hold up to eight people and features acrylic glass on all sides for a panoramic view.

    The view from inside the cabin is quite interesting as the cars running below look closer than you think in the beginning. After a while, the height of the cabin increases and especially when reaching the canal, visitors can feel like floating in the air since the cabin is mostly glassy on all sides for the panoramic view. It's thrilling and fun to see things from such a high ground.

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    Stunning Night Views By The Canal

    At night, some of the cabins glow softly and colorfully, which blends in well with the surrounding buildings and creates stunning views. Compared to the daytime, the night time is also a popular time to ride this cabin too.

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    Best View From Ground

    The promenade leading from Bankoku Bridge to Canal Park Station

    Bankoku Bridge is a famous photo spot overlooking Minato Mirai with the Land Mark Tower at the center. From here, Yokohama Air Cabin can be seen crossing over the canal.

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    For details, please visit the official web page for Yokohama Air Cabin

    Operating Hours: 10:00-20:00 (subject to change due to weather)
    Adults (over 12 years old) One way 1,000yen Round trip 1,800yen
    Children (3 to 11 years old) One way 500 yen Round trip 900yen