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Long before skateboards were added as a new sport on the Olympics, it was one of the most popular activities in Japan. There are many great places in and around Tokyo plus some outside regions for skateboarders and every park comes in all different sizes with different layouts and a wide assortment of skateboarding obstacles. Here are some of the parks recommended to go.

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    Law and Penality

    According to Article 76 of the Road Traffic Law, ball games and similar activities such as roller skating and skateboarding are prohibited on "busy” roads. While the term “busy road” is vague and has no clear definition, if a road has crowds of people and cars are coming and going frequently, then it is likely to be considered to be a "busy” road.
    There was a case in 1959 where a judge said that a road with 30 mopeds, 20 pedestrians, and 30 bicycles per hour was not considered a “busy” road. However, the judge said that there is an exception where if there is a main road nearby, if the road gets congested by the hour, or if there are many pedestrians, the road is subjectively out of bounds for such activities mentioned above including skateboarding.
    Violations are punishable by a fine of up to 50,000 yen, and ball games and similar activities including badminton, shuttlecock, tag, etc are also included in this law.
    In short terms, it is best advised to not ride on skateboards on public roads in Japan.

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    Komazawa Skate Park (Setagaya)

    Only a 6-minute train ride from Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Den-En-Toshi Line, Komazawa Olympic Park was constructed for the 1964 Summer Olympics with different athletic facilities. Inside such a park, the Komazawa Skate Park has launch boxes, quarter-pipe hips, a row of mini half pipes and easy going banks where beginners to pros can hang out and show off their tricks.

    Opening Hours:
    From 10am daily, closing hours vary by month (earliest 4.30pm, latest 7pm)

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    New Miyashita Park (Shibuya/Harajuku)

    On the rooftop space of the newly renovated three-story, multi-purpose complex, Shibuya Miyashita Park sits the skate park where just like before the renovation is a park made with concrete and available to use for a certain fee. The fee is 1,000 yen for the first two hours, and 500 yen for each additional hour. Elementary and junior high school students pay 480 yen for the first two hours, and 240 yen for each additional hour. Those who live in Shibuya or commute to work or school get half price.

    Opening Hours
    9am to 22pm

    Shibuya: New Miyashita Park
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    Raizin Sky Garden (Odaiba)

    RAIZIN SKY GARDEN by H.L.N.A, located on the rooftop of Diver City Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, is a skate park with one of the best views in Tokyo. It has a wide variety of sections including quarters, manual boxes, moderate sized mini ramps, steer and handrails. The park also offers lessons for beginners and advanced skaters taught by professional skaters. Adults over 16 are 420yen per hour, 210yen per hour for those between 13 to 15 and under 12 is free of charge.

    Opening Hours:
    Daily from 11am to 9pm.

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    Jonanjima Seaside Park (Bay Area)

    A 3 minute walk from Jonanjima Yonchome bus stop (bus 32) which can be ridden from JR Omori Station on Keihin Tohoku line, this is a beachfront park facing Tokyo Bay located in the Jonanjima area of Ota City. The park has a camping ground, barbecue area, and skate park and is a favorite leisure spot of people of all ages, particularly families. Since the park is also located close to Haneda Airport as well as Tokyo Bay, and many boat and aviation fans come here to get close and watch the large ships ply the bay and the planes fly overhead. The skate park is set in a large outdoor space with bank to banks, spines, quarter pipes, grind boxes and rails.

    Opening Hours:
    7am to 21pm
    Every Wednesday and between December 29th to January 3rd is closed

    Jonanjima Kaihin Park Skateboard Hiroba
    Tokyo Ota-ku Jounanjima 4-2-2
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    Murasaki Park Tokyo (Adachi)

    A skate park with both indoor and outdoor park, Murasaki Park Tokyo is located in Senjusekiya-cho, Adachi City operated by the Murasaki Sports sporting goods chain. The spacious outdoor skate park is equipped with a flat space for beginners to enjoy and a large section park suitable for BMX and inline skating with popular mini ramps. On the other hand, the indoor skate park is one of the largest in Tokyo's 23 wards and is a popular venue for national contests, large-scale events, and filming for TV dramas and movies. BMX bikes, skateboards, skate shoes, and other equipment are sold in the adjoining shop.

    Store Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday 13pm-20pm
    Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 11am-20pm 

    Skate Park Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday 13pm-20pm
    Saturday 13pm-22pm
    Sunday and Holidays 13pm-21pm

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    Musashino Sports Complex (Kichijoji)

    A skate park in the distant area of Kichijoji, the park is equipped with a variety of concrete obstacles, including a fun box, rails, spines and bank to banks. Skaters must bring their helmet as it is mandatory to use this park.

    Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday 13pm-20pm
    Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 10am-20pm (Sat 10am-12noon kids only)
    closed on the 15th of every month (except for weekends & holidays)

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    Tobuki Sports Park (Hachioji)

    More commonly known as PLANET PARK to the skaters, this park is one of the largest public skate parks in Japan and is a dedicated facility for skateboarding, aggressive inline skating, and BMX competitions. There are not only flat surfaces, but also banks, steps, rails, and bowl-shaped sections for beginners and advanced skaters to enjoy. Those skaters who want to skate here would need to register on spot with the english form able to download from here. Scroll down to find the pdf which says “Download for English”. Adults will pay 600yen per day while children are 300yen. Skaters must bring their helmet to skate here.

    Opening Hours:
    8am to 22pm (last entry at 21:30pm)

  • 09

    Tachikawa Skate Park (Tachikawa)

    Located next to IKEA Tachikawa, this is a public skate park and known to those in the know. The park is dedicated for skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX. The area is about 560 square meters. Skaters must bring their helmet to use this park. To use, skaters must first need to register at Tachikawa Izumi Civic Gymnasium which is located a minute walk from Izumi-Taiikukan Station on Tama Toshi Monorail Line. This gymnasium is open from 9am to 23pm however, closed on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month plus between December 29th to January 3rd. Once registered, every time a skater who wants to use must bring their pass.

    Opening Hours:
    Weekdays 13pm to 22pm
    Saturday, Sundays & Holidays 9am to 22pm



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    Maihama Skate Park (Chiba)

    Located about 10minutes from JR Maihama Station where the Tokyo Disneyland is located, Maihama Skate Park has not only a flat surface but also has mini ramps, banks to banks and curve boxes. Since 2019, the park is no longer free of charge and would cost 330yen for adults and 160yen for children and above 65 per day. Tickets can be purchased at the vending machine next to the skate park entrance.

    Open Hours:

    May 1st to August 30th
    Monday to Friday 9am to 19pm
    Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 7am to 19pm

    September 1st to April 30th
    9am to 17pm

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    Skip Factory (Saitama)

    One of the largest indoor skate parks in Japan, Skip Factory is located in Tokorozawa in Saitama prefecture, about 20 minutes walk from Higashi Tokorozawa Station on JR Musashino Line. There are no ramps in the park, but the surface is slippery and made with concrete, and there are various sections with curves, rails, steers of various levels, large banks and arcs. The fees are 600yen per hour and a 1 day pass is sold for 2,000yen.

    Opening Hours:

    Monday to Friday 15pm to 23pm
    Saturday 12noon to 23pm
    Sunday 12noon to 21pm
    Holiday 12noon to 23pm

  • 12

    Quest Skate Park (Ebina)

    This is an indoor skate park located about a 5 minute walk from Kadosawabashi Station on Sagami Line. The park can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced skaters. There are boxes, banks to banks, curves, arcs, flat rail, and ramps. A beginner priority section has been completed on the second floor. The park has a flat rate and its 1000yen per person, per day.

    Opening Hours:

    Monday to Friday 16pm to 21pm
    Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 12noon to 20pm

    Quest Skate Park
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    Umikaze Park (Yokosuka)

    A mecca of a skate park, under the supervision of AJSA (All Japan Skateboard Association), this free of charge skate park went through a full renovation and reopened in 2018. The park sits next to the ocean, so the sea breeze makes for a pleasant ride. The park is large enough for everyone from beginners to advanced skaters to enjoy and is one of the long standing parks with many pros born from here. On weekends the park is popular among young skaters including children. At night, skaters can skate under the lights of the street lamps.

    Opening Hours:
    7am to 22pm

  • 14

    Parks Outside Tokyo and Surrounding Areas

    Due to open in Spring 2020, Kasama Geijutsu-no-Mori Park (Kasama Art Forest Park) in Ibaraki prefecture will open a skate park. The park is planned to have five zones, including a "street zone" with slopes and handrails, and a bowl shaped "park zone". Some parts of the park will be indoors so even on rainy days, skaters can enjoy it. There will be a staff on hand to assist the visitors, and visitors can rent or purchase equipment at the administration building. The park is not free of charge, and the entry fee will be announced soon.

    สวนสาธารณะคาซามะ เกจุตสึ-โนะ-โมริ

    Baraike Skate Park in Osaka is the largest concrete skate park in the Kansai region. Tournaments and schools are held here, and use of some areas may be restricted on some days. The bowl shaped park has curves, banks and other obstacles. The entry fee is 500yen per day while those under middle schools are 300yen.

    Opening Hours:
    9am to 21pm (Every 4th Tuesday, 1st Saturday and Sunday in October and during New Years holidays are closed)

    For those who want to just have a short break from shopping or don’t want to go too far out from the sightseeing area and need to skate, the small indoor skate park inside BIGSTEP in Shinsaibashi, Osaka is a great place to drop by. The entry fee is 300 yen per half an hour or 1000yen for 3 hours.

    Opening Hours:
    15pm to 21pm

  • 15

    Skateboard & Karaoke

    While this is not a skate park, a Jankara, a karaoke in Kyoto has a skateboarding ramp in a large karaoke room with two large screen projectors and two monitors. Skaters can skate and sing at the same time. There is only one room and wearing a helmet is a must. One side of the room is in reinforced glass so people outside can see the skateboarding action. Alternatively, the curtain can be closed for those who wish to not be seen.

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    スーパージャンカラ 河原町本店


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    京都府京都市中京区河原町蛸薬師上る3奈良屋町296 古今東西堂河原町ビル6F-8F