Sumida River Walk in between Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree



A new pedestrian bridge across the river, Sumida River Walk now connects Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree in just about 20minutes. While each of the two areas were already major tourist areas, before the opening of this pedestrian bridge in June, only ways to go between the two areas were either taking a train or walking a fair distance. Now that Sumida River Walk is open to the public, travelling between both locations is made easier. With TOKYO mizumachi, a new complex with cafe, restaurants, hostel and more in between, visitors can take a break there before moving onto the next location or simply just to stop by while strolling around downtown Tokyo.

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    New Pedestrian Bridge: Sumida River Walk

    A bare steel frame, beautiful view of the river itself, trains running above so seeing it up close, the new pedestrian bridge, Sumida River Walk has so many to offer. Open daily from 7am till 22pm, and lit up in different colors from 16pm, the new bridge is a perfect place to go both day and night. Especially at night, if stood by the riverside at Sumida Park closer to Asakusa station, the lit up Sky Tree at night with a reflection of the bridge on the river will bestow the visitors with a stunning view.

    In just a short 323 metered bridge, there is a glass window on the floor overlooking the Sumida River, a hidden illustration of Sorakara-chan, the official character of the Tokyo Skytree, and other playful touches. Railroad enthusiasts can also enjoy the up-close view of railroad bridges and Tobu Railway cars running. Through the glass window if lucky, someone on the Tokyo Water Taxi may wave at you.

    Sumida River Bridge was originally a railway-only bridge. Until the opening of Sumida River Walk, tourists and local residents could only travel between Asakusa and Tokyo Sky Tree by riding on the Tobu Railway for just one station, or by taking a detour to cross the Kototoi Bridge upstream or the Azuma Bridge downstream. However, with the construction of TOKYO mizumachi, a new commercial complex with restaurants, cafe, shops and hostel, to attract more tourists from the Asakusa area, Sumida River Walk was essential, hence was built.

    TOKYO mizumachi, just across Sumida River Walk from Asakusa area

    TOKYO mizumachi, just across Sumida River Walk from Asakusa area

    Since Sumida River Walk is sandwiched between Sumida Park on either ends, in spring, visitors may get a chance to see the cherries in full bloom from Sumida River Walk. This bridge will surely be very useful for visitors and locals alike to enjoy the downtown even more.

    TOKYO mizumachi: Make Travelling Easier b/w Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree
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    Sumida River Walk

    3 minute walk from Asakusa Station North Exit on Tobu Skytree Line
    4 minute walk from Asakusa Station Exit 5 on Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro)