14 Best Winter Illuminations near Tokyo and in Tokyo 2020



Tokyo is taken over by illumination every winter and you can find some of the most famous winter events in, or near Tokyo. From Roppongi to Kanagawa and Tochigi, you’ll find gigantic festivals of light, competing with each other and growing ever more beautiful every year. The days may be getting shorter and colder and it's about less than a month till 2021. But the country won’t turn into a dark and desolate place as these darkness of winter lends a perfect backdrop to these glittering worlds, which feature thousands of LED lights working in tandem with special effects such as bubbles and music to create an unforgettable experience. Here are top 14 places to be enchanted by winter illuminations for magical moments.

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    Pokémon at Sagami Lake yl million

    Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest, an outdoor multi-resort in Sagamihara, Kanagawa will host Sagami Lake yl million, decorating the entire area with 6 million lights. For three consecutive years since 2018, Sagami Lake yl million has been selected as one of the three major illuminations in the Kanto region. This year marks the 12th run and will collaborate with Pokémon. There will be plenty of photo spots to take with including Pikachu sleeping in the forest, Snorlax taking a nap by an open-air while Scorbunny, Sobble and Grookey is preparing a dish over a fire and more.

    Event Date: November 14th 2020 to April 4th 2021
    Time: 16:00pm to 21:00 pm (last entry 20:30pm)
    From January 2021, the time will change from 17:00pm
    Entry Fee:
    Adult: 1000yen
    Children: 700yen
    Dog: 700yen

    สวนสนุก Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest
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    Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination

    Partial illumination at Ashikaga Flower Park reminds somewhat of a scene from Demon Slayer and is popular this year especially among the fans. This park is a popular flower park in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture and best known for the Great Wisteria Festival featuring the gorgeous wisteria which blooms in spring. The vast park of 94,000-square-meter garden will be illuminated with more than 5 million lights. In 2020, the garden will be illuminated in three different themes: "Collaboration of Light and Flowers" from October 17 to mid-November, "Christmas Fantasy" from late November to late December, and "Competition of Light and Winter Blossoms" from January 1 to February 7. Because the lights come on early, from around 4:30 p.m., and parking is free, the park makes it a great winter outing for families with children.

    Event Date: October 17th 2020 to February 7th 2021
    Closed on December 31st 2020
    Time: 16:30pm to 20:30pm (weekends and holidays are open until 21:00pm)
    Entry Fee
    Adults: 1000yen
    Children: 500yen



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    Yokohama Milaight & Yokohama Cross Night Illumination

    YOKOHAMA MILAIGHT is one of the largest illumination events in the Yokohama area with 1.5km-long area right outside the east exit of JR Yokohama Station will be decorated with about 500,000 white and blue LED lights turning the area into a sparkling winter wonderland. There is an interactive illumination "Art Square" in Grand Mall Park along with a cyberpunk art event, synchronizing the city of Yokohama and the scenery into a more sci-fi world held over at Shinko Central Park too.

    Event Date
    Yokohama Milaight: November 12th 2020 to February 14th 2021
    Yokohama Cross Night Illumination: November 20th to December 26th 2020

    Yokohama Milaight: 16:00pm to 23:00pm
    Yokohama Cross Night Illumination: 18:05pm-21:05pm

    Cyberpunk Art Event: Yokohama Cross Night Illumination
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    Shonan no Hoseki Winter Illumination

    Enoshima is a popular island off the coast of Shonan area in Kanagawa Prefecture, and connected with the mainland by the bridge. On this island, one of the best winter illuminations in Japan, Shonan no Hoseki Winter Illumination is held. This is a long running event since 1999 and known as one of three greatest winter illuminations in Kanto Region along with Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Prefecture and Sagami Lake yl million in Kanagawa Prefecture.The main event is held at Samuel Cocking Garden which will be transformed into a bright fantasy forest. After walking the paths of the garden, visitors should travel through a tunnel of light to Enoshima’s Sea Candle Tower which will be spectacularly dressed up. Climb to the top to get a bird’s eye view.

    Event Date: November 21st 2020 to March 7th 2021
    Time: 17:00pm to 20:00pm (last entry 19:30)
    For weekends and holidays, the event will run till 21:00pm with last entry at 20:30
    Entry Fee:
    Adult: 200 yen
    Children: 100yen

  • 05

    Roppongi Hills Christmas 2020

    The annual Roppongi Hills "Keyakizaka Illumination" decorates the 400-meter-long zelkova tree lane. This year's theme "SNOW & BLUE" and as its name implies, the trees are lit up in blue and white. Including the winter illumination using approximately 700,000 LED lights, the "Roppongi Hills Christmas 2020"event will also be held within the premises. The bridge in the middle of the street and the area around Roppongi Tsutaya bookstore will be a great photo opportunity for people to take photos of Tokyo Tower and the magical illumination.

    Event Date: November 13th to December 25th 2020
    Time: 17:00pm to 23:00pm

    Tokyo Minato-ku Roppongi 6-10-11
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    Under the theme of “ANOTHER WORLD”, throughout the day, visitors can enjoy different events at Midtown Winter Moments held at Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi between November 19 to December 25 2020.
    Of all, a temporary outdoor ice skating rink due to open between November 19 2020 to February 28 2021 is an annual popular spot for skating during the winter months. The rink will be lit up during the night creating a magical moment surrounded by city lights and skyscrapers all around.

    Event Date: November 19th 2020 to February 28th 2021
    Christmas event is only held until December 25th 2020
    Time: 17:00pm to 23:00pm
    Ice skate is available from 11:00am to 21:00pm (last entry at 20:00pm)

    Snow Light Globe

    Snow Light Globe

    Step Light

    Step Light

    Tokyo Minato-ku Akasaka 9-7-1 others
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    Yebisu Garden Place Winter Illumination 2020

    Yebisu Garden Place is a classic long-running winter illumination spot in Tokyo famous for displaying a huge Baccarat chandelier that is 5m tall and 3m wide. This year, to thank the health care workers, every day between 17:00 to 17:30, the chandelier will be lit up in blue.

    Event Date: November 14th 2020 to January 11th 2021
    Time: 11:00am to 24:00pm



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    Tokyo Shibuya-ku Ebisu 4-20
  • 08

    Tokyo Skytree Town® Dream Christmas 2020

    During the Tokyo Skytree Town® Dream Christmas 2020, the entire area of Tokyo Skytree Town is decorated with approximately 400,000 warmly illuminated lights with Christmas trees, plenty of photo spots, illuminated sculptures, and music. Throughout the event, Tokyo Skytree will be lit up in green and champagne gold, as well as white and red, to resemble a candle. Of all, the Christmas-themed animation projected onto the windows at Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck is a show not to be missed. The show will be held 3 times per day at 17:30, 19:00 and 19:45.

    Event Date: November 6th to December 25th 2020
    Time: 16:00pm to 24:00
    Special Christmas lighting event will take between November 6th to December 22nd from 17:00pm to 22:00pm and between December 24th to December 25th from 17:30pm to 24:00.

    Sky Tree lit up in special Christmas color

    Sky Tree lit up in special Christmas color

    Christmas-themed animation projected onto the windows at Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck

    Christmas-themed animation projected onto the windows at Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck

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    TOKYO DOME CITY SMILE × ILLUMINATION will feature illuminations full of smiles.There are many highlights, including a huge 15-meter tall tree decorated with 5,000 dazzling smile ornaments, other green trees and plants decorated with champagne gold illumination, and an illuminated 140-meter long corridor.

    Event Date: November 13th to December 25th 2020
    Time: 17:00pm to 24:00

    โตเกียว โดม ซิตี้


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    Christmas Garden in Shiba Park

    Christmas Garden is one of the largest Christmas events in Japan, held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Shiba Park No.4 Plaza. The venue is decorated with Christmas candles, candle arts and over 100 Christmas trees, and more than 200 different kinds of Christmas-themed food and drinks from over 100 different countries. The event will be held between December 4 to 25, 2020.

    Event Date: December 4th to December 25th 2020
    Time: 11am to 22:00pm (L.O 21:30pm)

  • 11

    Marunouchi Illumination 2020

    In the busy district of Marunouchi, walking distance from Tokyo Station, with approximately 1.2 million champagne gold color LED lights will lit up over 300 trees which stretch along the 1.2 km long shopping street of Marunouchi. In addition, from November 5th to December 25th, Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2020 event will be held at various complexes within the district. During this event, under the theme of “Love and Wishes”, various christmas trees and sculptures will be decorated with animals and greens to “express thought to love the earth in the whole tree” as written on the event webpage.

    Event Date: November 5th 2020 to February 14th 2021
    Time: 15:00pm to 24:00

    Marunouchi Nakadori
    Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi , Yurakucho
    no image
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    HIBIYA Magic Time Illumination

    Hibiya Magic Time Illumination is held across the Hibiya district featuring a massive illumination in the heart of Tokyo. The area will be illuminated in lights in “champagne gold,” “gold,” and “amber” color giving a warm and relaxing vibe. The Park View Winter Garden on the 6th floor of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is a must not be missed place for more illumination and a beautiful view of the city lights.

    Event Date: November 17th 2020 to February 14th 2021
    Time: 17:00pm to 23:00pm

    TOKYOMIDTOWNHIBIYA(โตเกียว มิดทาวน์ฮิบิยะ)


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    Yomiuriland Jewellumination

    Japanese amusement park, Yomiuriland features unique illuminations using gemstone-inspired shades that you can't see anywhere else in the world. The event is led by the world-renowned lighting designer Motoko Ishii. This year’s theme is “Resonance of Gold and Birthstone and will have 12 colourful birthstones of the year decorated with 6.5 million lights to create 12 magical areas. The highly popular fountain show is on exhibition again this year on a breathtaking scale with 60 meters with 231 fountains soaring as high as 15 meters into the air, and uses a 12-meter-tall giant ring fountain and water screen.

    Event Date: October 22nd 2020 April 4th 2021

    16:00pm~20:30pm(Oct 22nd to Dec 11th & Dec 26th to Jan 5th 2021)
    16:00pm~20:00pm(Dec 12th to Dec 25th)
    16:00pm~21:00pm(Jan6th 2021 to April 4th 2021)

    Entry Fee:
    Adult(Age18 to 64): 1,500yen 
    Middle& High school student (Age 12 to 17): 800yen
    Children (Age 6 to 11) and over 65: 500yen 

    Tokyo Inagishi Yanokuchi 4015-1
  • 14


    This year's Tokyo Mega Illumination will be held again at Tokyo City Keiba, only 15 minutes away by train from Shinagawa Station, one of Tokyo's busiest stations. Normally, the track is used as a horse racing track, but for autumn and winter only, it will be transformed into a fantastic illumination site spread over a vast area.The work is based on the image of the past, the present, and the future of Tokyo, and moving from one area to the next will make you feel as if you have transcended time and space. There are stalls to buy food and drinks including craft beer.

    Event Date: October 24th 2020 to January 11th 2021
    Closed on January 1st 2021
    Time: 17:30pm to 21:30pm
    Entry Fee:
    Adult (Age 18 and over) 1000yen(buy on spot)/800yen(advance ticket) / Children(Age 6 to 17) 500yen(buy on spot)/400yen(advance ticket)