Tokyo Godzilla Museum in Odaiba



Godzilla invades Odaiba for a limited time between October and the end of May 2021. Using Magic Leap 1,the streets of Tokyo are recreated in a 1/150 scale diorama, synthesizing the virtual world of Godzilla, allowing visitors to experience a mind blowing Godzilla battle right in front of their eyes.

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    1/150 Diorama of Tokyo

    Jointly produced by NTT DoCoMo and TOHO CO.,LTD., the production in charge of the Godzilla movies, this special program using Magic Leap 1 has finally been offered to the public for the first time ever. The production staff of the movie, Shin Godzilla recreated the destroyed city of Tokyo in a 1/150 scale diorama. A very detailed reproduction of the city from singboards of NTT DoCoMo to the small destroyed pieces fallen from the buildings to even cars have been well recreated. Visitors must go as close as possible to see how detailed it is.

    1/150 scale diorama of Tokyo

    1/150 scale diorama of Tokyo

    Destructed Tokyo Station building

    Destructed Tokyo Station building

    Take a close look to find the NTT DoCoMo's signboard

    Take a close look to find the NTT DoCoMo's signboard

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    Special Program: Godzilla Show

    Before putting on the Magic Leap 1 glasses, visitors should take some moment to wonder why Tokyo was destroyed to such an extent. As you put on the Magic Leap 1, first thing you’ll notice is a green neon light tracing the outline of the building in the diorama to go back in time to see how the city was like before such attacks by Godzilla.

    Try it on for yourself to catch the moment

    Try it on for yourself to catch the moment

    Once the city is back into its beautiful form, it's time for a special Godzilla show. The show will be available both in English and Japanese. No spoilers here to avoid the fun, but the powerful and intense battle scene of Godzilla is mind blowing and will definitely be enjoyable for all ages. However, there is a age limit and those under 14 won't be able to see the program. Teens between 14 and 17 must have a conscent from their parent of gurdian. Don’t forget to not just stare at the diorama but look around as something unexpected will await you towards the end.

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    Tickets & Access

    Tokyo Godzilla Museum (3rd floor inside Joypolis amusement park in Odaiba)
    ※Children under the age of 14 can not see the program. Those between 14 to 17 must have their parent or gurdian's conscent prior to seeing the program.

    Event date: October 1st 2020 - May 31st 2021
    Admission Tickets
    Adults (18yrs or older): 800yen
    Children: 500yen

    Those with only this admission tickets will have to pay extra 1,000yen to enter Tokyo Godzilla Museum

    Passport Tickets
    Adults: 4,500yen
    Chidlren: 3,500yen

    Those with passports tickets will have to pay extra 500yen to enter Tokyo Godzilla Museum

    Address: 1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Closest Station:Odaiba Kaihin Kouen Station on Yurikamome Line

    World’s first permanent Godzilla Museum


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