Kura Sushi Asakusa Rox: 100-yen Conveyor Belt  sushi restaurant's first global flagship

Although sushi has become a preferred international cuisine at fancy venues, you can still enjoy high-quality sushi on a budget. Kura Sushi (くら寿司: Kurazushi) is a 100-yen (1$) sushi chain restaurant that takes pride in serving authentic, healthy food made using fresh ingredients (and with the promise of no additives or preservatives).

Coupled with its cutting-edge conveyer belt technology and anime-themed touch screen devices, Kura Sushi is setting itself apart from the sushi chain competition.

Kura Sushi's global flagship branch opened in Asakusa in January 2020, featuring modern Japanese interior design and traditional entertainment. This multilingual restaurant is worth a visit if you're in the Asakusa area, which is famous for the Sensoji Temple and Tokyo Skytree Tower.

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    Quick guide

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    1. Largest Kura Sushi branch in Japan

    After passing through the seemingly small entrance, you will be invited into a spacious environment that can accommodate 272 guests. This 842-square-meter restaurant is the largest Kura Sushi branch in Japan.

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    2. Modern Japanese interior

    The interior of this branch is influenced by modern Japanese design and features Ukiyoe paintings, lanterns, white wooden furniture and tatami-style seating.

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    3. Traditional festival stall booths

    Guests can experience Japanese festival games, such as shateki (gun shooting) and wanage (ring toss) during their visit.

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    4. Multilingual customer service

    The service staff wear t-shirts with language marks and all staff are equipped with voice translator devices.

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    Learn how to enjoy Kura Sushi!

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    Step 1. Use the self check-in machine to get a table

    Customers at the Asakusa ROX branch use a self check-in machine to get a table. Follow the prompts on the touchscreen panel by the restaurant entrance and you will get your table number. This process may require a waiting time, depending on the crowd. You will receive a ticket like in the image below and then need to find a table with your number.

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    Step 2. Prepare your own tea

    When you find your table, grab a teacup and make your own tea. You can find the green tea powder in the condiment compartment.

    The condiment compartment includes a variety of necessities, such as green tea powder, gari (pickled ginger), soy sauce and cutlery (chopsticks and spoons).

    The condiment compartment includes a variety of necessities, such as green tea powder, gari (pickled ginger), soy sauce and cutlery (chopsticks and spoons).

    Take two spoons per cup and pour over hot water using the tap by the touch screen. This complimentary tea goes well with sushi, so make sure you follow this ritual before you start your meal.

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    Step 3. Place your order

    Apart from taking sushi from the conveyer belt, you can place your order using the multilingual touch screen (available in Japanese, English, Korean and Traditional Chinese).

    Your order will be shipped on the upper conveyer lane and your touch screen will notify you with a sound. The freshness of sushi on the belt is indicated by IC tags, with those that exceed the expiry period discarded.

    A dome-shaped "freshness" cover protects the sushi, but can easily be taken off when you lift up the edge of the plates.

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    Step 4. Try your luck with Bikkurapon game

    When you finish your meal, insert your plates into the plate pocket. You get to play a Bikkurapon (びっくらポン) game for every five plates deposited.

    If you win, you can get a store-original toy (which varies from time to time) or can play at one of the traditional festival stall booths.

    You may choose to play Shateki three times or Wanage five times.

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    Step 5. Pay your bill

    A 200-yen dish comes with two plates, so separate them before inserting them into the pocket.

    A 200-yen dish comes with two plates, so separate them before inserting them into the pocket.

    Each plate has a QR code and your bill will automatically be calculated when you insert your plates into the plate pockets. At the same time, your total bill will be shown on the touch screen. Unlike other conveyer belt sushi chain restaurants, customers at Kura Sushi can go straight to the cashier, without waiting for staff to count the final bill for you.

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    Embrace all kinds of Japanese food at Kura Sushi

    Kura Sushi is more than a regular sushi chain restaurant. They provide a range of Japanese dishes, including udon, ramen and tempura rice bowls. These high-quality dishes are mostly available for less than 500 yen.

    Kake Udon comes with an umami-rich broth that is prepared every morning at each restaurant. It only costs 130 yen on weekdays and goes well with sushi.

    Those who want something unconventional should try a fish burger. The patty is made with a variety of fish, which would otherwise be discarded due to their uneven sizes and quantities. To drink, why not try a Shari Coke, which is made using malted rice.

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    Enjoy free Wifi and a variety of sweets

    Their premium sweets menu is updated every two weeks.

    Their premium sweets menu is updated every two weeks.

    While Kura Sushi is a popular sushi chain restaurant, you can also drop by to unwind between your sightseeing activities.
    They carry a variety of sweets, including cheesecake, ice cream, bubble tea and fruit parfait. Between 3 and 5 pm is usually quieter, so you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon tea time. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the establishment.

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    Store information

    Kura Sushi Asakusa Rox is located at the 4th floor of the Asakusa Rox commercial complex, which contains various big-name stores like Muji and Uniqlo, plus a traditional public bath.

    An eight-minute walk from Exit 1 of Asakusa Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)
    A minute’s walk from A1 Exit of Asakusa Station (Tsukuba Express)

    [Opening Hours]
    11:00~23:00 (last order at 22:30)

    [Official website]

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